Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Real Blog

                 Alright, so I realize this isn't exactly a real, official blog yet, but once I get a laptop (and I'm hoping to get one this Christmas, so keep your fingers crossed) I promise I will add tabs, edit the About Me, have some giveaways, and just make you guys love me! So once the holidays are over, I will stay completely true to blogging. Scouts honor.
                  Anyways, since I do not have to spend eight hours in a prison called school tomorrow, I will post 3 reviews about some amazing books I've read in the past month. If you're in love with YA paranormal romance as much as I am, then you will adore these books. I promise you. And! And! I will also add some stuff about me! Mostly just randomness about me!
                  I will be back tomorrow! You know, the day we're all supposed to die -_-. Whatever. I'll be here tomorrow.

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