Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Best of 2012

So I've done a lot of The Best of 2012 posts today and I really do hope I made up for my absence. I had a lot of fun doing these posts because it made me realize how much I really did love every book and every character. And it also made me realize how much I am dying inside because I don't have the next book in some of the series I mentioned.

Gah! I want them now!

If you haven't noticed already, I am not a very patient person. But I will have to be, if it means I get my hands on a swoon-worthy book! Then that means, I will be able to review them ALL! So it's a win-win situation for everyone. Ha-ha. You're welcome.

So I have decided that tomorrow, I will post books that I am highly anticipating in 2013! Even the covers and the blurbs will also be included! Well, for most of them anyway. One or two of them probably won't. But they will still be amazing! I already know that!

Until tomorrow, my lovelies!

And since I forgot to tell you before Christmas, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

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