Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mini Book Review: Reboot by Amy Tintera

Five years ago, Wren Connolly was shot three times in the chest. After 178 minutes she came back as a Reboot: stronger, faster, able to heal, and less emotional. The longer Reboots are dead, the less human they are when they return. Wren 178 is the deadliest Reboot in the Republic of Texas. Now seventeen years old, she serves as a soldier for HARC (Human Advancement and Repopulation Corporation).

Wren’s favorite part of the job is training new Reboots, but her latest newbie is the worst she’s ever seen. As a 22, Callum Reyes is practically human. His reflexes are too slow, he’s always asking questions, and his ever-present smile is freaking her out. Yet there’s something about him she can’t ignore. When Callum refuses to follow an order, Wren is given one last chance to get him in line—or she’ll have to eliminate him. Wren has never disobeyed before and knows if she does, she’ll be eliminated, too. But she has also never felt as alive as she does around Callum.

The perfect soldier is done taking orders.

Rating Scale (1-10): 8.5

My (Mini!) Review: I loved the take on the zombies! This book was completely amazing and action-packed. If you didn't know this already, I am a sucker for action and romance mixed together. Reboot didn't disappoint in either area. I was kind of in a reading slump for a while. I didn't feel like reading but I felt like I should be reading. I wanted a fast-paced action-packed novel that would take me out of my lazy slump! Reboot was the perfect cure! The cover is awesome and different and I love it. The plot was interesting; I loved the girl-breaking-free-and-becoming-her-own thing.

Wren was an awesome character and I loved being in her head. I thought it was cool how she was a lot more human than she thought she was. Anyways, she was a fantastic character and I look forward to reading more about her in the sequel! Callum---oh, I think I just swooned!---was so freaking cute! And not in the He-could-be-my-brother-cute kind of way, but Aw-he-is-the-best-boyfriend way! I loved how he saw the human in Wren and how he wasn't scared of her. Amazing job on the characters, Amy! Mad props!

No Quotes!

No Randomness!

Did I like this book? Very much, yes!
Would I reread it? I'm sure I would.
Would I recommend it? If you're a fan of Divergent (because, seriously? Who isn't?) then I definitely would recommend this book.

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