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Book Review: Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger

Seventeen-year-old Vane Weston has no idea how he survived the category five tornado that killed his parents. And he has no idea if the beautiful, dark-haired girl who’s swept through his dreams every night since the storm is real. But he hopes she is.

Seventeen-year-old Audra is a sylph, an air elemental. She walks on the wind, can translate its alluring songs, and can even coax it into a weapon with a simple string of commands. She’s also a guardian—Vane’s guardian—and has sworn an oath to protect Vane at all costs. Even if it means sacrificing her own life.

When a hasty mistake reveals their location to the enemy who murdered both of their families, Audra’s forced to help Vane remember who he is. He has a power to claim—the secret language of the West Wind, which only he can understand. But unlocking his heritage will also unlock the memory Audra needs him to forget. And their greatest danger is not the warriors coming to destroy them—but the forbidden romance that’s grown between them.

Rating Scale (1-10): 8.5

My Review: Holy cow! Ho-ly cow! Guys! Guys, this book was fantastic! This is the second time I've read it and I still love every single part of it. It never ceases to amaze me. The writing, the plot and concept, the romance, and the characters were absolutely amazing. Shannon Messenger is such a breathtaking author. She pulled me in right away and had me in love with the characters with a quick wave of her pen.

The cover is so beautiful. The second I saw it, I knew I had to have this in my hands. The clouds look so beautiful and magical. The way Vane and Audra are on the cover is actually a scene in the book and I remember, "Hey! That's on the cover! Cool!"

Plot and action! Absolutely amazing! Audra makes a mistake and due to that, the people-or should I say, Stormers--that have been after Vane for years, now know exactly where he is and are coming for him. Audra is Vane's guardian and knows she will go to any lengths to protect him. She is one badass guardian; she will do whatever it takes to survive. I loved the concepts of the winds. There are four types of winds: the Notherlies, Southerlies, Easterlies, and Westerlies. Audra is an Easterly while Vane is the very last of his kind: a Westerly. She has to train him to fight, and during the battle, as a last resort, Audra is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice.

The romance was a bit frustrating, but nevertheless, I loved every single moment of Vane and Audra together. Vane does nothing to hide his feelings from Audra, but she's so broken that she's convinced that once he finds out her secret, he'll never feel the same way about her. She tells herself that she doesn't want him, but come on. Who can resist Vane Weston? Um, no one! That's who!

Character Discussions!

Audra: Like I said before, Audra is one badass guardian. For the last 10 years, she's been alone, hidden in the shadows while protecting Vane. Her father is dead and the relationship she has with her mother isn't so great. Her mother blames her for her father's death. Audra carries so much guilt and the more I got to know her, the more my heart broke for her. She was such a strong character and I'm excited to read more about her in the next book.

Vane Weston: Hot hot hottie! Although I loved Audra, I found myself looking forward to reading from Vane's POV. He was funny, and snarky, and he's definitely my new book boyfriend. Vane's been through a lot in his life, both of biological parents are dead, but he knows that his adoptive parents love him with everything they are. He was such a determined and strong character, and believe me, he's a stubborn one, too. But to make up for it, he's definitely swoon-worthy.

Arella: Audra's mom. You don't even want to get me started.

My Random Statement: Does anyone else sing Adele's Skyfall when they read the title? Don't tell me I'm the only one.

My Favorite Quotes:
"And don't watch me sleep--it's creepy,"

"Wait--what am I doing?
Right, mental inventory of last night."

"Part of me wants to slam the window, lock it tight, and crawl back under the covers. Maybe I'll even put up a sign that says Don't come back unless you're wearing the sexy dress."

"I'm not about to admit I got beat up by a skinny girl."

"Besides feeling like an idiot for sitting in a burned-down house at five-freaking-a.m., holding out my hand like it's some sort of deformed claw . . . not a whole lot."

"It isn't until a fly almost zips into my mouth that I realize my jaw's hanging open."

"I'm Vane Weston: The Last Westerly.
Great--it sounds like something out of an anime cartoon."

Awesome name."

"Note to self: Steal and destroy her jacket as soon as possible."

"my mom says, biting her lip like she's worried we might feel the uncontrollable urge to rip each other's clothes off the second we get near a bed."

"Sheesh, one hot girl walks into the house and all trust vanishes."

"I want to say more, but my dad's joined my mom at my bedroom door, and while he doesn't have her look of nervous terror, he looks like when he's watching the Discovery Channel.
Aren't the mating habits of teenagers fascinating, honey?"

"Her tone's light--but I know she's really saying, "I don't believe your story. Let me poke holes in it.""

"My mom's grinning her my little boy is growing up smile and my dad looks like he wants to pat me on the back and call me "slugger."
Parents: perfecting ways to humiliate their children since the dawn of time."

"If she starts crying, I'm going to smother myself with my pillow."

""Mom," I complain, ready to bean her with my pillow. Or maybe the bedside table lamp."

"Aaaaaaaaaand, there it is.
I shoot her my best I really don't want to talk about this look. She doesn't take the hint."

"Mental note: Bring a Sharpie to training next time."

"I can't believe I made a tornado. A really tiny, wimpy one--but still. A tornado!"

"Epic Vane fail."

"But then my phone vibrated and I realized the first step to taking back my life was right there, in my hands. Well, in my butt pocket--but still."

"The waitress delivers our food, and I smile when I see the giant bowl of pasta she sets in front of Hannah. A girl who eats when she's hungry. Score one for Hannah."

"I stare at my plate, wondering if I can stab myself to death with my butter knife."

"I don't pull away. I might even lean into her hand as ten thousand sparks shoot through my skin at her touch. What can I say? I'm weak."

"Then she fumbles with the seat belt for a hilarious amount of time, twisting it all kinds of wrong ways. "How does this infernal device work?" she finally asks."

"Huh--I'm actually figuring her out.

"She's probably referring to the fact that I've rested my head in her lap. Hey, when I see an opportunity, I take it."

"I'm insanely grateful Audra slept through that little experiment. I probably look constipated."

"Arella clears her throat, ruining the moment.
She's begging to be tackled."

"Dammit--why can't I be more flexible?"

"Arella gasps.
Yeah--that's right. Let's not forget who's the last freaking Westerly here."

Did I like this book? LOVE LOVE LOVED!
Would I reread it? Already have, and I definitely will be reading it again.
Would I recommend it? Definitely. This is a must-read.

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